Friday, November 30, 2007

The Dance

I danced with him when I was young,
He took my hand and led me out.
And still we dance through night and day
Forward and back, in and out.

But though I try, I sometimes fail
And lag behind, and trip and fall--
And then he reaches out to me,
Picks me up and we dance on.

And continue we upon our way
Dancing to the rhythmic song.
The song whose notes, now sweet and low,
Now loud and high, now fast, now slow
Do break the silence of the world,
And pierce our hearts, and search our souls.

We danced unto a grassy mead
'Neath moon and star still we danced on
And all was still, and sweet, and calm,
The midnight wind to me was balm,
There danced we on all through the night
And still we danced in morning light.

In the light of the rising, glorious sun
I Beheld a crowd on the same plain.
All were paired, and all did dance
And then I looked and saw and gasped.

For in each pair beheld I then
A sight beyond the ken of men
They all did dance, with joyful glee
With him who dancing was with me.